Welcome to The Cycad Jungle. We have had our nursery since 1986, but have changed our main focus as we find new and interesting plants. We started as a wholesale woody ornamental nursery along with having a landscape business. During this time we personally installed between 1200 and 1400 landscapes. We have grown 275 species of palms and over 200 species of cycads. As the cycad collection grew to the point that we couldn't landscape and take care of the cycads at the same time, we became a full time cycad nursery. Because we have been both collectors and landscapers, we know the wants and needs of all our customers. We work with our landscapers who sometimes may need help deciding what cycad to use in a particular situation as they are designing a new project. This is becoming more important to them as they are looking for alternatives to cycas species because of the Asian scale destroying the king and queen sagos. Most landscapers have just scratched the surface as to what cycad species can be used, and we help them make their projects more diversified and unique. We also grow other cycads that collectors may be more interested in. We want everyone to grow and propagate their cycads, so we have included articles that we have written on every cycad cultivation subject you can think of. Collectors can benefit from our first hand knowledge, but our landscapers can also use this information, and pass it on to their customers. After you read our articles and you still have questions, we have included The Cycad Bulletin Board where you can post your questions for us to answer. As we have found a need for certain products that haven't existed in the general market place, we have formulated our own fertilizers for cycads, and make an enzyme available to help collectors clean their seeds. We are happy to help all our customers with their individual cycad needs, so feel free to contact us.

Tom & Cindy Broome



We have two sections for plants. Our price list shows mainly cycads for the collectors. We now have our new section for landscape plants. We carry cycads, palms, and other unusual exotics. We have gingers available, as well as our new line of full sun, cold hardy bromeliads (Dyckias). Our landscape section is still under construction.

We are now certified for AZ, LA, and TX on all our 3, 7, 15, 25, and 45 gallon cycads, palms, gingers, and Dyckias. *New* See new Dyckia pages in the landscape section!

Landscape Section

We have a new feature that is linked to the price list. Click the linked species for pages on the different genus. For people who need cultural information on a particular species, we have pictures of the plants, special cultural preferences, and descriptions of size at maturity. We will be adding pages on other species, so look for more information in the future.

Price List

We are known for having full, landscape sized cycads, but too many people have asked me to provide seedlings as well, so for the first time, we now have cycad seedlings available.

*NEW* Cycad Seedling List

We now have our own cycad seeds available for sale to the public. We try to keep the list as current as possible, but sometimes, really rare seeds don't stay around very long.

*NEW* Cycad Seed List

We are now growing clivias of all colors. Clivias are in the amaryllis family and produce large umbels of orange, yellow, red, and apricot flowers. For more information on clivias, pictures of clivia flowers, and plants available for sale click the link here.

Clivia miniata


We have our special cycad fertilizer finished and tested and we are making it available to others. It is good for king sagos, as well as other, more rare cycads. Because of the minors package, it is also good for many landscaping plants. I have used it on 100 cycad species and 75 species of woody ornamentals. For people who have already purchased some of this fertilizer, we have an information section to expand on what is is printed on the label. This will help with application rates, etc. We have other products available to help you grow and propagate your cycads.


Cycad Special

Seed Cleaning Enzyme


We have articles on cycad cultivation, propagation, conservation, and information resulting from unusual experiments that most people would not typically try.



After reading all the articles, if you still have any cycad questions, we have a bulletin board for you to post your questions. Look through the bulletin board first, you may already see someone else who had the same question.

The Cycad Bulletin Board


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