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I have been asked by many of my customers to offer seedlings. I will someday improve my website that will include pictures and more detailed descriptions of plants, but for now I have made this simple seedling list. Most seedlings are at least a year old and many of these are 2 to even 5 years old, but they have been in smaller containers. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. My information is at the bottom of the page.

We can not ship cycads out of the US. We have our nematode and fire ant certifications and are certified to ship to every state except California. Unless you have a special quarantine area, or can have a shipment inspected, I can not ship to Arizona. Shipping to Hawaii requires the added cost of a phyto sanitary certificate. If you want to pay by credit card we are able to take Paypal payments now. Please e-mail your order and I can give you a precise total including shipping. Doing it this way will save you money in the long run compared to just estimating a standard shipping cost according to the cost of the plants, like most people do. Minimum order for seedlings is $60. All seedlings sent bare root with roots wrapped in sphagnum moss, and sent by priority mail.


Bowenia spectabilis $16 beautiful rounded leaflets, one of my favorites

Ceratozamia hildae (the bamboo cycad) $10 1 gallon plants $17 cold hardy into the lower teens F

Ceratozamia kuesteriana older seedlings $14 cold hardy into the teens

Ceratozamia latifolia $9 cold hardy into the teens, nice brown emergent leaves

Ceratozamia microstrobila $15 cold hardy in the teens, no spines, nice chocolate brown emergent leaves

Ceratozamia miqueliana $60 These are 2 to 3 leaf seedlings from my breeding of my best male plant and best female plant. I have never made these genetically superior seedlings available before. SPECIAL

Ceratozamia sp. Presa Aleman $50 new - very rare in cultivation, beautiful orange emergent leaves SPECIAL

Cycas debaoensis $50 These 2 and 3 leaf seedlings came from seeds from a local breeder that has more than 15 female plants. These seeds in particular came from his best male and best female in his collection. SPECIAL

Cycas revoluta x debaoensis $22 seedlings favoring revoluta but with softer leaves, hoping for splits later SPECIAL

Dioon edule Queretaro $6 one of the most cold hardy edule ecotypes some have new blue leaves

Dioon edule Rio Verde $6 some plants have nice blue leaves when new

Dioon edule Palma Sola $9 said to be the fastest growing edule

Dioon holmgrenii $17 fairly rare

Dioon spinulosum $9

Encephalartos ferox $9 cones are bright red takes upper teens under tree cover

Encephalartos concinnus $25

Encephalartos gratus $12

Macrozamia communis $8 cold hardy into the teens

Zamia amblyphyllidia older plants in small pots $18 nice wide leaflets

Zamia angustifolia $25 very thin brown emergent leaflets - highly endangered, only an estimated 12 to 15 plants left in habitat, just a few available

Zamia Brown emergent from Puerto Rico (brown amblyphyllidia) $14

Zamia floridana "Cedar Key" form $12 unique form with thin leaflets

Zamia floridana "St. Augustine" form $8 wide leaflet type

Zamia floridana "East coast wide leaf" $6

Zamia inermis $40 nice soft plant with no spines comes from a small, isolated habitat on a hill

Zamia paucijuga $12 The real thing!

Zamia portoricensis $18 nice thin leaflet, not easy to find

Zamia pumila (true pumila from the Dominican Republic) $6

Zamia standleyii $15 most have brown emergent leaves

Zamia variegata larger seedlings to almost mature $14+ the only naturally variegated cycad

Zamia vazquezii $6 a cycad that looks like a fern

Zamia sp. Cayman Island $12

Zamia sp. Jamaican Giant older plants $22 taller, cold hardy with thin leaflets

Zamia sp. special, stiffer leaflet from Jamaica $25 -New -I have never seen these offered in 20 years of growing SPECIAL while they last

Zamia sp. New Providence $14 nice brown emergent leaves

Zamia sp. Lucyana $18 unusual stiff leaflet pumila type


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