Cycad Fertilizer


I have had a special cycad fertilizer made up to my own specifications. It is very much like the 24-7-8 fertilizer that I mention in my fertilizer article, but has been improved upon. Before I made it available for sale I tested it on my own plants, and let a few other cycad growers test it as well, and we all saw great results. Two growers have reported back and told me that they got more flushes in a year than they had ever seen before, and one person testing the product had the best growth he had seen in 35 years. There are some cycads I would not use this on, like South American Zamias, so please refer to my article to make sure this is for you.

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For all of you who have been purchasing the half gallon jugs that held 4 pounds of fertilizer for $12, we will no longer be able to sell these jugs. For now, all I am able to sell is 50 pound bags, and ONLY IN FLORIDA. I am sorry, but each separate state requires me to pay a large fee just to be able to send the fertilizer to your state. For those of you who live in Florida, and especially if you have been buying the jugs, you all will be paying less for my fertilizer. I am able to sell 50 pound bags for $80 a bag. This may sound like a lot, but because of the low application rate, one bag will fertilize about 4500, one gallon containers, or the equivalent. It is best to pick it up at the nursery, but if you have to have it shipped, I have found that UPS Ground is best. It is only costing around $24 to $30 to ship, so the over all cost as compared to before will be much less. If you own a nursery and are using the fertilizer for your sale plants, with a copy of your certificate, there is no sales tax, if you are using it for personal use, there is a 7% sales tax. It is probably best to contact me by e-mail at: to discuss purchase or pickup. Thanks, Tom Broome


I have used this fertilizer on most of my cycads, and palms. With a great minors package, it should be fine for most woody ornamentals (landscape plants). I have used it to fertilize customer's landscapes having over 75 species of bushes and trees. This should be an excellent fertilizer for people wanting to use it on their king sagos. I have found it to help increase the times these cycads produce leaves each year under my own growing conditions.

The fertilizer is sold in 50 lb. bags. It is a granular fertilizer used every 2 1/2 months. You should discontinue use 8 weeks before the expected first frost. This is a commercial grade fertilizer and can burn or kill plants if not measured properly. You can fertilize approximately 4500, one gallon containerized plants with each bag, or about 312 medium sized landscape cycads. This product is intended to be used as a top dress fertilizer and should not be incorporated into the soil. Fertilizer is activated after first watering.

Application Rates:

In containers, use 1 teaspoon for each gallon size container. As an example, use 1 teaspoon for a 1 gallon container (6 inch pot). 3 teaspoons (or 1 tablespoon) for a 3 gallon container (10 inch pot). 15 teaspoons (5 tablespoons) for a 15 gallon container (14 inch pot). 25 teaspoons for a 25 gallon container (24 inch pot). The fertilizer should be uniformly distributed over the pot surface.

For plants in the ground it is a little more tricky to estimate. You should estimate the size of the plant and the size of the root system it has and compare it to the container sizes above. Small plants are usually in 1 gallon containers, so you should use 1 teaspoon for a small plant in the ground and the fertilizer should be distributed uniformly over a 6 inch diameter area. A slightly larger cycad ( a king sago with a 3 inch stem for example) can use 3 teaspoons distributed uniformly over a 10 inch diameter area. 3 teaspoons is usually good for medium sized landscape bushes as well. 7 teaspoons for a larger plant with a 12 inch root system and used to cover a 12 inch diameter area. 15 teaspoons for a medium sized cycad (sago with a 6 to 8 inch stem) covering a 14 inch diameter area. 25 teaspoons for larger cycads (sago with 1 to 2 feet of trunk) covering a 24 inch diameter area. If you have any questions about application rates, feel free to e-mail me instead taking the chance of accidentally using too much. < >


This is a commercial grade fertilizer and can burn or kill plants if not measured and applied properly. Keep out of reach of children and animals, harmful if swallowed. One of the minor elements in this fertilizer is Molybdenum. Molybdenum is toxic to grazing animals. This product should not be used on a plant that can be eaten by grazing animals. This product may stain your concrete. No warranty is expressed or implied on results of use. The user accepts all liability for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from the use or handling of this product. The buyer and all users are deemed to have accepted these terms.