Pectinase Enzyme

We are now making a granular or powder form of the pectinase enzyme available to customers who have cycad seeds they wish to clean. This will also work on palm seeds that have a fruity seed coat. I have found this very useful for cleaning seeds that have a poisonous seed coat like Arengas. I sell the enzyme by the weighed ounce. Each ounce should make at least 28 gallons of liquid to be poured over the seeds. I can clean 4000 coontie seeds in a 5 gallon bucket, and usually that will take about 4 quarts of liquid. Each ounce is $4.00 plus the cost of shipping. In most cases, I can ship this in a regular or padded envelope and the shipping cost would be rather low.


I have found that 1 gram of enzyme per gallon of water makes a very good product to clean cycad seeds. If the temperatures are not hot, you may want to use a little more. 1 teaspoon weighs 3 grams. The enzyme works best when the temperature is kept a steady 95F. When temperatures go down to 80F or lower, the product will not work very well. I would suggest cleaning seeds near an extra heat source such as a propagation mat when you want to clean seeds in colder areas. I have seen people use a box with a small light bulb in it to clean and germinate their seeds.


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