Clivias have been grown for a few 100 years in Europe and are considered heirloom plants because they are passed down from one generation to another. A single plant can live longer than 100 years. Clivias produce offsets, so a clump can grow to be extremely old. Clivias are somewhat slow growing, and a seedling can take 5 years to be large enough to produce flowers, which is why flowering sized plants can be expensive. They are in the amaryllis family and produce an umbel that may have as many as 40 flowers that are each, 2 to 3 inches across. Leaves can vary from 1/2 inch wide to more than 4 inches wide. Clivias can be propagated by seperating offsets, or can be grown by seeds. Plants that are produced by offsets are an exact clone of the parent plant. There are many named varieties that are produced by offsets only, and all plants should be very much the same as far as plant and leaf structure go, and also the flowers should be the same. Plants that are grown from seed have seedling variation that will produce different looking plants and possibly totally different looking flowers. Many breeders will cross pollinate one different looking plant with another, and all kinds of mixtures are possible. Even if a plant is pollinated with it's own pollen, it is possible that some of the resultant plants might have flowers that are a totally different color from the one parent plant. We are propagating our plants in both manners. Some will be exact clones and some will be seed grown plants that all may look different. There are a few clivia species, but we are specializing in Clivia miniata.Clivia miniata flowers are typically orange, but more expensive clivias can be red, yellow, pink, and apricot. Yellows have been very expensive in the past and less than 10 years ago would cost $1000 each. Variegated plants were even more. Here in the United States, California has been the largest growers of clivias. Clivias have not been readily available in Florida, and if they are available, only the orange types are found. We are trying to be a good source here in Florida for all the colors of flowers, and will even extend our line of plants to variegated plants over time. We have a few types available right now, but have also been cross pollinating many plants that include all the main colors of clivias. All our breeding plants are numbered, and all our crosses have been documented. We will probably have seeds available from many of our crosses in the spring, and will list them as they become available. We are also working on crosses to make more plants with fragrant flowers, which many are not. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to e-mail us. We can ship to almost every state in the U.S.

 We have Belgium hybrids available. Belgium hybrids are grown from seed and every plant can be a little different in plant shape and flower shape.

They are known for being bred for faster flowering and mediumly wide leaves that can vary from 2 inches to 4 inches.

We have flowering sized plants in 3 gallon containers for $35



We have yellow flowering Clivia miniatas available from a mixed breeding program, so each plant will have slightly different flowers and varied leaf widths. Most yellows will have leaves that are thinner than the Begium hybrids. There are two examples of these flowers below. We have mixed yellows available in 7 gallon containers for $75.