Shown below is a new ginger that has recently been named, Scarlet Fever. It is a Curcuma type that loses it's foliage in the winter time, but always comes back the next year. It usually will come back with more stems the next year. Seeing that the plant is under ground in the winter time, it can be grown in most of the southeast. Sometimes, the plants will flower in early spring before any foliage is produced.

I have always wanted to grow a red sealing wax palm, but it is almost impossible in my area. These plants can be easily grown and give me the same type of color in the landscape. They will grow to be very thick in time, and will attain a height of 6 feet. This has to be one of the most incredible looking plants that has recently been introduced into the market. We have 7 gallon plants available for $45. They become full size usually by July. Not available after October.